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Life coaching with a focus on self-empowerment and confidence to navigate through challenges. 

I will guide you toward planting the seed for change to reach greater success, using proven ICF & IBCP certified pattern breaking & healing techniques: Life & Success Coaching, NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques™, and hypnosis…to name a few.

Carolyn Nguyen | certified Life Coach | Life Coach Near Me


   I’m Carolyn Nguyen, a certified Life Coach, accredited by ICF & IBCP’s Continuing Coach Education (CCE) programs. Whether you are nearby or further away, I welcome you to in-person sessions in Alexandria, VA or online sessions.

    If you’re seeking to make healthy & positive changes in your personal development, career or relationships, I am here to empower you to confidently navigate your path to reach goals and achieve success. I will support you in gaining clarity on what truly matters in life to create happier and healthier outcomes. 

    Figuring it out can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Reach out today. 

Life & Success Coaching | Life Coach Near Me
Life Coach in Arlington & Alexandria, VA | Life Coaching

Why life coaching with Carolyn?

Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege of helping friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers I’ve met along the way.

On numerous occasions, they’ve expressed their appreciation for the positive impact I’ve made in their lives. They found inspiration, comfort, and motivation in the way I approached life’s challenges, and have successfully tried these methods in their own lives.

As I navigated through my struggles with career, family, and relationships, I inspired those I supported to have the courage to face their own problems. With my help, they gained greater awareness and understanding, leading to more positive life changes & fulfillment.

After being inspired by the impact I had on others, I became a certified Life + Success Coach to help more people.

Would you like to work with me?

Life & Success Coaching | Life Coach Near Me

Life Coaching Benefits & Services

Get Support from an Expert
for Success

As a certified Life Coach, I'll help you courageously change your mindset for growth and empowerment. I use a combination of proven life coaching ICF and IBCP techniques with positive mindset work, visualization & motivational tools. I am dedicated to helping you reach greater heights of self-discovery, boost self-esteem, and create growth. We’ll create healthy habits for changes to improve your career, relationships, and find peace in your world. You’ll regain power to break free from old programming and limitations, while learning how to build new strategies for success with an action plan to achieve short and long-term objectives.

Relationship Coaching

Learn and practice various styles of communication. Understand your relationship patterns and where to go from here to work through past hurts to heal. You'll make positive shifts in your life by improving your relationship with yourself first and then with those around you for overall peace, stability, and happiness.

& Empowerment Coaching

My goal is to help guide you on your journey by taking control of your life and gaining clarity to confidently make the changes you want. We'll create a plan that fits your lifestyle to achieve your goals. With my guidance, you’ll find the courage to trust your inner voice and overcome obstacles. You'll learn how to manage stress, create healthy boundaries, and move past fear and anxiety that's preventing you from moving forward. My services are designed to empower, & strengthen your intuition to truly love YOURSELF inside and out to create REAL & sustainable changes.

Career coaching

Gain valuable advice navigating career transitions, growth, achieving milestones, and success, while mitigating stress and burnout. I’ll guide you from start to finish to accomplish the goals that mean the most to you, while providing mentorship and accountability to scale.

Life & Success Coaching | Life Coach Near Me
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Support when you need it. Help from a fresh perspective to move forward.
Carolyn Nguyen | Life Coach near me, alexandria va
You're worth the investment. Ready to take action towards the life you deserve?
Carolyn Nguyen certified Life Coach | Life Coach Near Me | Success Coach | hypnotherapy
Want to accomplish goals and push past challenges? Ready for abundance?
Carolyn Nguyen Life Coach | Wanderlust Agape Life Coaching
Ready to get clear on the life you want and finally move into the next chapter?


Plant the seed for change to unlock your infinite potential & see results!

Certified Life Coach | Life Coaching | Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy
Hien Nguyen-Le USA

My life coach sessions with Carolyn have made such a positive impact on me. Carolyn does an amazing job with creating a warm and engaging environment during my sessions with her. She immediately made me feel at ease while I spoke with her about my goals and concerns. The techniques she taught me really changed my mental being and I feel much more motivated and inspired after every session with her. Thanks to Carolyn, I have been feeling less anxious and am able to apply what she taught me in my regular routine! I highly recommend booking your life coach sessions with Carolyn!

Wanderlust Agape Life Coaching | Life Coach In Arlington & Alexandria, VA
Larissa T Canada

Carolyn is a joy to work with. She makes you feel Instantly comfortable and safe. She was a great help With the motivation issues I was facing.

Wanderlust Agape Life Coaching

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